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Yes it is true, we can definitely make it happen in 10 days, with the expertise our team is advantaged with it is absolutely doable. 
We are bringing you our best tools and features to help you build a significant online presence, from unlimited number of pages and email accounts to Arabic layout copy.
Our templates are provided from highly skilled international designers, to guarantee the best quality and themes delivered to you.
We know well that offering a competitive price with rapid delivery on higher standard is essential, and we have made it all happen for your business.


Blog System
It is always great to create your company blog which helps in sharing your latest news with your visitors, articles & announcements. That’s how you keep them updated.

Social Media Integration
It is always great to create your company blog which helps in sharing your latest news with your visitors, articles & announcements. That’s how you keep them updated.

Custom Forms
We will offer you customized forms, to have the ultimate control in determining your form fields

Unlimited Typography Fonts
To make your design most special, you will get to choose among a long list of fonts that are quite safe for the web and readable over different browsers

Supporting Video (YouTube / Vimeo)
Your website can host any video type from Youtube & Vimeo on your website, it could be a cool way to visually engage with your visitors.

Dynamics are everything that’s why our designs are mostly beautified with dynamic slideshows

RSS Feed
Another impressive of updating your website visitors by subscribing to your feeds.

This is mostly for Google, we provide your website sitemap in sitemap.xml so that Google could crawl over the website pages.

Google Analytics Enabled
To monitor your website’s effect and feedback on users, this will be of great help to improve your sales indications

Google Webmaster Tool Enabled
Both Analytics & Webmaster tools are major methods to figure out your publicity techniques and performance for better sales

Google Map API
Make it easier for users to reach you, as designs are empowered with Google Map location, where your avenue will be pointed out over the map.

Manageable Website via Mobile
It is all mobile friendly, this is very good actually, especially if you move alot and would like an efficient mobile solution.

Newsletter Subscription Form
With BeOnline Package you can send your list of users and subscribers to your website a newsletter with your latest buzz, this will help a LOT

Cross Browser Compatibility
As beautiful as this website seems right now, your website will be as well across different browsers, from IE Internet Explorer,Opera, Safari to Google Chrome

Technical Support
No, we won’t bail out in the middle of the way, we have started the ” Technical Assistance” service to allow us help you whenever you face an issue and guarantee our rapid feedback

Unlimited Emails
With our hosting plans, you will be able to create as much email accounts as you want with your company name.

Social Feeds
Since Social Networking has become as important, you can add its feeds over your website pages, as Tweets and Facebook statuses from your company account.

How it works

Request Inquiry

If you have found your interest in BeOnline Package, just fill out the REQUEST form. It would also be great if you attach a sample of your website content and site map as in section pages division in your website to be, so we can get to help throughout the next steps.

Choose Design Themes

As soon as we receive your inquiry, our team will work to contact you and send you a couple of design samples that you get to choose from and will await your approval.

Arrange Downpayment

On your approval to one of the previewed templates, you will need to submit the downpayment for our team to start on tweaking the design and integration.

Development Phase

We will work ten straight working days then deliver your project, requiring your instant feedback to our comments and requests of course.

Delivery & Sign Off

We will be very glad to have helped in this, and on making sure that your website is well delivered. You will start your technical support subscription right after payment sign off.

Technical Support

As soon as your final payment is settled, we will start on our Technical Support phase, where we will assisting you with the website, with regular back up and updates.